Striking (and Evocatively Face-Like) Pair of Antique Framer's Sample Boards, Behind Glass

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I bought these last summer from a dealer in Mid Coast Maine with wonderful things and a keen eye for the graphic--I paid what I'm asking but wanted to enjoy them awhile, and while offering them up now won't be sorry to keep them forever. They were/are display/salesman sample boards showing a variety of metal (I believe largely brass) edgings for round, oval and rectangular picture frames. Photos don't do justice, but I find them very beautiful things, with marvelous graphic appeal to the geometries of the compositions--which also seem quite as if in lively conversation with one another: the left one in the first photo like eyes (or parts of the body!) directing their attention to the face (or torso!) at right. Plus great found color on the boards themselves--cream with red border to the one at left and a pale green with red border again to the one at right. Really excellent as pair so best kept together--fronted with glass held by way of clips around the perimeter, backed with board, and strung on the back for hanging--super striking, and very contemporary feeling, hung side by side on a white wall. C. early 20th c., with very recent framing, and in good condition, all the better for their age and wear. 

14" x 10" each. Good condition, all the better for the surface wear and aging to the board. All pieces very sturdily attached.  Sold as a pair.