Soulful, Beautiful Marble Carved Woman's Head with Bun

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This is one I'd be especially glad to keep for myself; I had her resting on a shelf near my workspace for a bit and she felt like a serene and soulful muse, and one, clearly having seen a lot, holding a wealth of wisdom. She came from an estate in Rockport MA;  I don't know for sure where she originated but she seems a 19th c. folk carving to me, likely detached from her body--or at least a bust--many years ago. I love her deep eyes and wonderfully straight lipped expression, and her losses, too, including the ding to her nose, and especially her carved hair, terminating in a snake like bun. She can just lay on her side, or will stand on a flat surface or a base--I used a box bottom in the second image; she is good all ways.

5 1/2” t x 4 1/2 w x 6 3/8” d. With chips and scuffs as evident, all to the good in my opinion, making her fell rather ancient.