Ridiculous But Fantastic Almost Full Scale Folk Art Guitar Cribbage Board

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In some ways about as far away from my taste as possible, but in others ways right up my alley! And as someone who admires creativity in most all of its forms, I am quite delighted by the existence of this very bedazzled folk art guitar/cribbage board, playable (an intentional pun, surely) as both guitar and game! Quite a lot of care and commitment went into it, early 1980s I believe (I remember making xmas ornaments as a kid with these very same leaf and flower shaped sequins). And seems to me that to win a game of cribbage on this would surely demand an Elvis-style serenade. If you don't know how to play, now might be the time!

26 3/4" t x 12 3/4 x 1 11/16 and in very good condition, just a couple of pins missing on the upper bridge. No pegs, but cutting a dowel or skewer into pieces of the right size would be easy. The strings remain tightly strung--not producing an especially resonant sound but playable indeed.