Pair of Birds, Antique Naive Colored Ink / Gouache Drawing

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A couple of more wonderfully colorful naive antique drawings today, including this one, that I know were salvaged from a scrapbook/sketchbook that lived from many years in the possession of a collector (of the hoarder disposition), whose huge, amazing collection was badly damaged in a flood. Such a heartbreaking thing, as the few drawings salvaged from the notebook indicate that it was quite a masterpiece!

Happily we have a few, and they fill me at least with a whole lot of joy--including for the intensive patterning and exuberant use of color that characterizes them, as very much the case with these two birds, one wading and the other quietly perched, the end of its tail feathers lost but I rather like it holding down the corner as it does. Plus a partial drawing on reverse of flowers and greens in a pot or basket that continues the exuberance. 

6 5/8" x 6 1/2".  Paper torn as obvious but painting itself in good condition with fabulous color.