Pair of Antique Cabinet Cards of "Van Dyck" Show Spaniels

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Portraits of show dogs, racing pigeons, etc...I love them all. In part I think because the objective was not to capture these proud animals at moments of cuteness, but rather to document them in a straightforward and informative a way as possible, rather like mug shots. Plus I love the handwritten names, in this case I assume Van Dyck being the last name of the owner and the dogs' names being "Stubbs" and "Effusion."  A pretty handsome pair I'd say!

As mounted, on very stiff card, each 4 1/2” x 3 1/2”. Clearly the left image was printed more darkly than the right. There is a little staining along the right edge of Effusion's portrait; otherwise both in very good condition. Late 19th c. I believe.