Old Folk Art Carved Found Wood Alligator Head

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Another singular folk creation of unknown origins, with one eye carved and the other a burl, which I imagine is what spurred its creation to begin with, as its maker saw an alligator in there just waiting to be coaxed out! And indeed, it seems rather as if it always existed, with dark (scalded i believe), craggy surface to the wood giving it quite a primordial feel--very alligator-esque! The shape of the head follows the natural form of the wood such that there is really no flat bottom/underside; photos show it on a stand, which I'll include, as well as just set flat, and also with a tiny dowel under it to prop it up. (It could benefit from a simple custom stand, but I myself would probably just figure out a good way to prop it.) Primitive and visceral, loaded with character and also with a certain sophistication about it, and a great form to that long, tapering snout.

13 1/8" l x 4 3/8" t x 3 7/8" and in good condition, not shedding and no apparent losses, just lots of indigenous irregularities to the wood, with a wonderful richness to the color and surface. I'd guess early 20th c?