Lot of Colorfully Painted, Simple Homemade Wooden Houses

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These aren't antique--I'd guess mid 20th c or so--but they are pretty terrific, and great fun to arrange and photograph, hence lots of pictures. Great paint schemes, sweet little windows and details painted on a handful of them, and altogether a very happy lot. It seems they were once glued down onto a ground of sorts, I presume arranged to create a whole town--I've scraped much of the residue off the bottoms, but a little remains here and there. Strange how satisfying color + simple house shapes is; I could look at, and play around with these, all day.

Long houses approx 2 1/8" l. Square 1" w. Tiny 3/4" w. Good condition, with some residue on the underside of the bases as noted, which does not interfere with them sitting flat.