Lewis Smith Caboose, Ink and Crayon on Graham Cracker Box Cardboard

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One more often sees Lewis Smith's drawings of women boxers and wrestlers and diners, but the first love of the the self-taught Ohio artist (1907-1988) was trains, the subject of his earliest, very detailed drawings, dating to the 1920s--and it was a lifetime railroad pass that allowed him to travel beyond the family farm in rural Ohio to pursue his other subjects. He returned to the train in this later work, c. 1980s I believe, ink and crayon on cardboard from a graham cracker box. Seems right to be drawing a caboose late in life and I really like the straight on, cheerful, resolved-ness of this one, blue sky above and blue tracks below. Lots on Smith out there with a quick search.

8" x 5 5/8". Excellent condition.