Lamb and Bird and Shooting Arrow: Early 19th C. Embroidery on Laid Paper

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Small, but so charming, and quite an early one I believe, c. early 19th c., silk embroidery on laid, I think European. (If it doesn't sell quickly I'll find an old frame for it and keep it for myself!) Surely it was made as a love token of sorts, with an arrow descending from one of the clouds, and what looks to me like a flaming heart (albeit also rather like a radish or turnip!) nestled in to the left of the tree. With little lamb, colorful bird on one branch, giant bloom in shades of pink and peach at right, and pair of sun flowers looking to the sky. I love the unreal proportions of those flowers in relation to the animals, and especially the manner of the embroidery, with passages of stitches veering in different directions, which lends the whole think a lot of energy and animation.  And the wave-like blues and green of the grass make me swoon.

4 3/4" x 3 1/16 and in very good condition, color is strong, paper is not fragile, and not a lost stitch.