AUCTION: J.M Tisch 1902 Ohio Folk Art Grandma Presentation Pitcher

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This item is being sold via instagram auction @criticaleyefinds, where you will find it posted in my feed. 

In a new experiment, and because I think it is such a special thing, I am selling this pitcher on an auction basis via Instagram. Please bid there (@criticaleyefinds) or contact me directly to bid on your behalf.  Bidding will start at $100 and proceed in $25 increments. The auction will close on Instagram on WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 12 at 4pm ET, with a final call for bids.

This listing is to provide information/documentation. 

This is one of my very favorite things I've had, found in Ohio on my roadtrip this summer but which I wanted to spend some time loving before listing it. It was signed on the underside by a J.M. Tisch in 1902, whose work I have found one other example of online: a presentation pitcher done in a very similar manner with applied rosette decoration, in that case spelling out "A. Kirkbride" and dated 1901, Akron Ohio on the underside. (Available at Greg Kramer & Co.) I don't handle a lot of folk art stoneware, but this particular example, made simply for "Grandma," is an embodiment of everything I love, including for the fact that is dated February 13, and so surely made as a Valentine's Day gift. And I would assume the Grandma in whose honor it was made was Tisch's own, as everything about this pitcher seems to drip with love. And while there are losses to some of the rosettes (I believe mostly incurred during firing) and two repaired cracks (one running from the lip to the "R" and down, the other, less evident. from the lip to the left of the final "A"), it seems to me perfectly right that a pitcher for Grandma should not be perfect--and I am completely certain she would love it anyway! 

8 5/8" tall x approx 6 3/4" diameter, 7 7/16" across at handle. Inside lip diameter is 4 3/16". Weighs 3 pounds 5 ounces. In as found condition, not cleaned or otherwise touched. Losses as documented. Sound and sturdy now.