Huge Vintage Origami Lot: First Edition Mid-Century Books, Tons of Paper, and A Few Creations!

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The Susan Burns who once owned this lot seems to have been VERY serious about her origami, with an excellent stack of vintage 1960s books here plus more paper--in a wide array of sizes and spectrum of colors--than one could ever use. (Good for paper weaving, too!) Many hours of fun and creativity just waiting to happen--and, with an April snowstorm happening here as I write this, a perfect rainy or snowy day occupation for one or a slew of kids. 

Several of the books themselves are notable: Samuel Randlett's The Art of Origami, first edition, 1961; Thea Bank-Jensen's Play with Paper, first edition, 1962;  and Happy Origami: Tatsua Miyawaki's The Japanese Art of Paper Folding, 1960, published by Binken-Sha, featuring pasted in origami creatures and objects on every page. Comprehensive instruction and infinite inspiration! And happily an endless supply of origami papers at hand, from tiny to large, in clean, ready to use condition. Plus a handful of Susan's creations, one presumes, including a couple with drawn on faces.

All in very good, clean condition. Largest paper: 12" x 12". Box holding majority of paper: 12 x 13 1/2. Largest book (The Art of Origami): 10 1/4 x 7 3/8, 192 pp. All pictured across the photos, plus some more, too!