Hands on Nude, 1988 Folk Art Puzzle from Iowa Farmer to His Second Cousin Lillian!

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This one amuses me and makes me happy to no end. I am pretty certain it was meant to represent a nativity scene--seems there were plans out there somewhere for making these, with the arching piece meant to be a manger, and figures praying over baby Jesus in his crib below it--but the design got a bit abstracted along the way, and all I can see is a nude woman with side boobs, and hands coming up from below to grab them! Which makes it all to funnier (to me at least) that attached to the bottom of one piece is a handwritten note that the puzzle was made by Iowa farmed Gary Burrach for his second cousin Lillian! Quite fun to arrange in all sorts of ways, including with our nude quashing those grabby hands and wearing a crown! 

9 1/4" x 5 1/4" x 1 1/2" and in very good condition, with a few indigenous imperfections to the wood.