Carved Wood Folk Art Man with Bowler and Graphite Drawn Face

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This guy looks to me as if he just rode into town with some schemes up his sleeve or snake oil to sell--quite a character! He came out of the same estate as a few other carved figures I'm listing today. A few graphite marks on his chest suggest perhaps his maker planned to do a bit more work on him, but I think he's pretty great as he is. Graphite drawn mustache and brows and a bit of hair, and a bow drawn around the brim of his bowler, too. He's substantial in size--almost 10 inches tall--and presence! He does need to lean against something in order to stand--or maybe just needs to find the right horse to straddle! 

9 3/4" t x 1 15/16" w x 2 1/8" d. Good condition, with a little roughness around the brim of his hat, natural irregularities to the wood, and what looks like one hairline split in the wood down the right side of his belly that was maybe given a brush of varnish. (Minor and I do not believe detracting)  C. 1920s-40s I believe.