C. 1970s Vintage Framed Four Color Bread and Puppet Theatre Poster

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A bright, bold, iconic feeling poster from the heyday of the Bread and Puppet Theater--and how to resist that snake, especially?   Founded by Peter and Elka Schumann in 1963 in New York City, The Bread & Puppet Theater was/is a politically radical puppet theater company, gaining wide attention for its participation during the Vietnam War in anti-war protests (its enormous puppets were an instantly recognizable fixture of many demonstrations.) In 1970 the Theater moved to Vermont, first to Goddard College and then to a farm in Glover where it remains. At the core of its philosophy what they call the “Why Cheap Art” Manifesto, a belief that art should be accessible to the public, not “a privilege of museums & the rich." This poster-- which appears quite a rare one; I've found one other use of the graphic on a smaller black and white poster but no other like this--advertised the company's annual Circus (in full, Our Domestic Resurrection Circus), which ran from the 1970s through to the late 90s.

C. 1970s vintage poster in period black metal frame. 22 3/4" x 17 11/16" framed. Good condition, with some a few patches of light foxing to the paper near the corners/edges, as documented best I could.