Brilliant Exotic Bird in Tree, c. 1920s Folk Art Oil on Board Signed Henry

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Pure delight. When I was in Nashville in February, I fell in love with a brightly painted folk art parrot painting in an excellent taqueria, which was sadly not to be sold. This brilliant yellow bird (the species of which I don't know enough to identify) immediately reminded me of that one. The painting definitely rewards close looking, with a tiny brush stroke for every feather and lots of other colors mixed in, adding up to a creature that feels like a jewel. And the folky treatment of those little feet gripping the branch of the tree I find extremely satisfying, happily given added emphasis by the wispy tail feathers just below.

Oil on board. Framed, as found: 14 5/8" x 9 3/4". Very good condition, c. 1920s or so I believe. Signed Henry (I believe) at lower right.