Poignant Old Photo of Nude Studio Model in Curious Pose

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I love everything about this photo, 1910s-20s I believe--from the movable studio wall in the background to the dirty floor to the Thonet chair in the corner to the framing of it all, all of which this nude seems completely of a piece with, as if she existed only in this context, of the ether but with grit under her fingernails. Which may have been exactly how the artist who I'd guess took the photo, perhaps in advance of a painting, saw her. And such a curious pose, almost as if she were modeling for the figurehead of a ship, though maybe with a bit of a Degas dancer aspect to her spread arms too. I keep thinking of Gerhart Richter as well, as if she were about to dissolve into a blur.

4 1/2" x 3 3/4" and in very good condition.