Beautiful 1937 Signal Flag and Semaphore Pocket Booklet (on Heavy Board)

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I've had a few decks of US Navy signal flag card decks, which I love (what's prettier than a bunch of colorful, boldly patterned flags speaking in code?), but this is the first of these Signal Card pocket books I've found, and what an excellent thing.  Just six pages plus cover, color litho on paper adhered to heavyweight board, it covers alphabetical and numeral flags, "special" flags, pendant flags, substitutes, morse code and semaphore. Beautiful and creatively inspiring (to me, anyway) just to look at it, and has the feeling of a very essential thing whether or not one is anywhere near the sea!

6 x 3 3/4 and in very good condition, with what looks like part of a name stamped in black ink on the front cover left edge. 1937, printed by Melby & Sons Lithographers.