Antique Heavy Brass Horseshoe Mounted to Ship Painting on Wood

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A perfect one for a sailor, to bring good luck whenever he or she sets out to sea, though surely a sailboat is also a good metaphor for venturing out in the world generally, so a good one for everyone! This is quite an old horseshoe, hand-forged of iron I believe and painted what is now a much mellowed gold. It was mounted to a piece of wood, pine I think, now with a very dark dry patina on the back where exposed, and on the facing side this lovely old oil painting of sail boat with red sails, lighthouse just beyond, and rocky shore in the foreground. Great object-hood, fantastic patina, super atmospheric. With a hanging hook on the backside top.

5 3/8 w x 6” t x1 3/16 d. One old split to the wood running vertically along the right side, but sturdy and seems all of a piece with it. Late 19th c. I believe.