19th C. Gray-Green Primitive Stool With Great Lines, Fantastic Surface and Good For Everything

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Among my very favorite old stools I've had, and I've got a penchant for stools and have bought and sold a bunch. 19th century, great boxy form, hand-forged iron nails, very sturdy, original paint--which is a wonderfully aged gray-green. And with a mysterious slat running across the top--not a split, but a slit, perhaps from some earlier function of that board, but now making it feel like a slot for dropping love notes through! Everything I've set on this looks better for it--a perfect pedestal bench if I ever saw one. Found in Maine and really a perfect thing.

13 3/8" l x 6 1/2" d x 9 1/2" t and in very good, sturdy and sound, beautifully aged condition.