Cool Welded Copper Hand-Shaped Folk Art Flask/Sculpture

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I have no idea the backstory to this old handmade copper hand, but I think it's pretty cool. It's a vessel, I'd guess made with the idea of serving as a flask of sorts--literally to hold four fingers of whiskey! At some point--or maybe from the beginning--a hook was threaded through the stopper (which screws in tight), that facilitates getting the plug in an out and would make it easy to hang on the wall. The hook will also screw out to give it a flat bottom, as desired, so as to easily prop it somewhere; it won't quite stand up on it's own so just needs to lean lightly against something to stand fingers up. 

It is actual hand-sized: 9" tall with hook, 8" without; 3 3/4" wide; 1" deep. Excellent structural condition, and with a nice patina. Minor surface dings here and there, no matter.