Different Lives, Early 20th C. Portrait of Two Men with Victorian Wicker RPPC

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I find this photograph very beautiful, and poignant--I presume a father and son, though perhaps brothers, the elder in what appears to be the attire of a tradesman or laborer, the younger carefully groomed and wearing a pinstriped suit, suggesting very different sorts of lives and livelihoods--but with their hands, side by side in similar positions, together gripping the same ornate Victorian piece of wicker furniture in front of them. A wonderfully specific portrait, which also feels quite iconic and indicative of larger cultural shifts,  taken I believe in the very early years of the first Great Migration. I wish I knew everything about them. 

5 3/8" x 3 1/2". Good condition. C. 1900-1915 I believe. Unused back with scatted stains.