Condense Factory Fire at Night, 1908 Real Photo Postcard

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I believe the Condense Factory captured here on fire was in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada, and though I am not 100% sure I think may have produced condensed milk. In any case, quite a spectacular and haunting photograph, all the more so for the details captured, from the illuminated frame of the house-like structure at right, what look perhaps to be picnic tables in the foreground, and what might be a shadowy figure at left. Plus the spark-filled black sky,  like a field of stars. On the back, a pencil written message from a S.A. Ellis sharing the fire as well as news of a recent wedding and bemoaning not hearing from the recipient. 

5 1/2" x 3 1/2". Light bumping to the corners and it looks perhaps as if it was kept in an album with corner frames, as in certain light the corners appear shinier. (I've tried to capture this in details.) Overall very good condition.