Concealing and Revealing, 19th C. Hand-painted Beauty on Papier Mache Cigar Case (No Lid)

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This beauty was clearly painted for the delectation of a male, on the face of a lacquered papier mache box (with hinged lid that is gone) that would have served as a cigar case. This particular form of case seems to have been popularized by Stobwasser Fabrik Brunsieg of Germany, which stamped the insides of the covers--so we can't know for sure on this one, but it is clearly of that type and dates to the mid 19th century. I love the openness of this lovely's face as peeks out from between the drapes, one hand keeping herself concealed, the other pushing back the curtain.

5 1/16 x 3 1/4 x 1 1/16 and apart from the missing lid (and related loss to the top edge of the back of the case) in very good condition, with even craquelure all over to the lacquered finish.