Completely Endearing Big Old Homemade Stuffed Panda Bear

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Oh, this one! I spotted him stuffed into a shelf in a case which could barely contain him, that fell in love immediately, and I know he felt very glad to be freed! Hand-sewn of velvet (he makes me think a bit of the Velveteen Rabbit), with visible stitching at all of his seams (reinforced a few times in various places it appears), embroidered mouth, dark pink button eyes, and just a pure bundle of charm. I do believe just about my favorite stuffed animal I’ve ever seen, and of just the right sort—large, super soft and well stuffed—all the better to snuggle with! Photos do not justice conveying his scale or presence. Love love love love love.

19” tall x 15” wide with arms out; 7 1/2” across or so at belly. Very good, much loved condition, not musty and odor free, with a couple of loose stitches on one ear, which I can tighten up with matching thread before sending. Stuffed with fabric/rags I believe.