Columbia University 1910 Murad Tobacco Silk Runner, Framed

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I purchased this piece because I loved the image of this pink cheeked runner in his white outfit and those brown shoes that don't look especially great for running! I've since learned this is a collegiate tobacco silk; dating to the early 1910s, these silks were issued by Murad cigarettes to entice smokers, college students specifically, to buy their cigarettes. For each college or university targeted, they issued a set of 10 of these depicting athletes wearing jerseys from that school engaged in different sports: runner, hammer throw, shot put, hurdler, baseball pitcher, baseball batter, football, golfer, hockey and rowing. Happily, the athletes are not actually smoking as they perform!

From what I've learned these are fairly rare, especially the larger sized ones as this is; while framed, I am pretty certain the silk itself measures 5"x7". There is one stain in the upper right corner but otherwise excellent condition. (There is glare in a few images; not flaws.)  I found it and am selling it, nicely matted (the cream matte appears to be linen or silk) and in a simple black metal frame with a hook on the back for hanging. Image size: 3 1/8" w x 5" t. Framed: 6 1/2"w x 8 5/8" t x 5/8" d.