Colorfully Painted Folk Art Carved Wooden Figure with Cloth Covered Wire Arms

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Such a curious one! I don't really know a thing about the origins of this carved and painted figure, but really I love it, and while I don't think it is terribly old, I do think it was made very much in the tradition of antique carved folk art dolls, which it closely follows from  the form of the carved body, to the carved face and hat, to the cloth-wrapped wire arms. And then this pastel-hued wonderful paint-job, which seems perhaps to roll in some Native American influences too. Altogether pretty fabulous I think, and certainly a nice one for adding a festive dose of color to a gathering of carved wooden figures--or anywhere! 

The arms appear to be made of plastic-coated electrical wire, and there are traces of old glue on the bottom of the feet, so likely it once stood on a base. It will almost stand on its own but it best slightly leaned again something. 12" tall x 2 5/8" wide x 1 7/8" deep and in very good condition. The arms move together up or down.