Colorful Set of Five Handmade Pennsylvania Painted Nesting Boxes

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I am forever looking for colorful old staking/nesting boxes like these, but only very very rarely do I find them. This set was handmade, and I bought from a seller in Lancaster County, PA, which I would bet is where they originated some 100 years ago or so. There's some paint loss here and there and the yellow box is pretty dinged (with some slightly off-shade touch ups made at some point), but they look fantastic displayed in all sorts of ways, and there's a good side of that yellow one too. Terrific color (the darker than primary red adds a lot), so satisfying, just excellent.

Largest: 3 1/2” cubed. Smallest: 1 1/2” cubed. Paint loss as noted and dings to the wood of the yellow one particularly. Structurally all very sound and not at all fragile.