Colorful Pair of Old Cloth Measuring Tapes - 50 & 75 Ft

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I love the look of these old measuring tapes in their old yellow and green paint, and find it quite a joy to pull the cloth tape (50 and 75 feet of it respectively) all the way out, then spin it back in again! With a really nice weight to them, brass edges and hardware, with hinged handles on one side that pop out to help with the spinning. They just don't make tools like they used to, and I find cloth measuring a handy thing to have around for measuring circumferences, etc. 

Yellow:  4 1/4" in diameter. Green: 3 7/16" d. Green in great used condition. The yellow one shows some bending to the brass perimeter edge, which does not impact functionality. (The full 75 feet on the yellow does pull out, I just neglected to photograph it that way.) Sold as a pair as the green and yellow are so good together.