Colorful Lacquered Wood Nesting Boxes

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I've got a weakness for nesting boxes of all sorts, which I think dates back to a set of Russian nesting dolls I had as a child, which I vividly remember opening for the first time, to discover one doll after the next like never ending Christmas! So it was fun opening the largest box in this colorfully lacquered set to find many many more than I expected inside, down to too tiny to handle!

I am not sure if these are Japanese or British or what. Lacquer over turned wood. The outside box definitely shows age (and it appears to have a star mark on the lid, and maybe the black dots on the exterior are meant to evoke stars as well?) but the interior ones are pristine, excepting a hole in the bottom of one. The final, tiny tiny few sort of run together as a mish mosh of lids and bottoms. Largest measures 2 5/16" tall x 2" in diameter.