"Clubhouse" Drawing by Anna Hardy

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This seems to me the sort of drawing that should inspire a novel--or, perhaps, was inspired by on-- in which all sorts of things transpired, both in and around this moody, sprawling clubhouse. I love the effort put into detailing the facade, including the panes of every window and door, and the yellow glow emitting from within--and also how it fills almost the whole paper, with room for just a few tall trees around the edges. Pretty great.

Definitely it was done many years ago--in magic marker I believe--as the paper is pretty brittle, with a few tears and folds near the top, where it is signed with what looks like Anna Hardy. The red painted wood frame is pretty dinged up too, with lots of scrapes and scratches--to my eye a perfect combo and I would not change a thing! Framed: 12" long x 9 1/4" tall x 7/8" deep.