Clinton Farmer's Exchange c. 1940s Kitchen Reminder Brown Grocery Bags - A Dozen

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Brilliant! I'm not sure if one would keep a stack of these bags on hand at home or just fill them out at the store, but either way I assume they'd hand them to a clerk at the Clinton Farmers Exchange to gather the groceries circled. Either way, what a great device for merging a grocery list and a grocery bag in one, and perfect now for taking to the store filled out in advance. Of course one might need to make some handwritten additons to the list, which seems c. 1940s to me, complete with clothes pins and fly swatters, dried beef and hominy, lard and malted milk. And oysters! 

Sold as a set of 12, in great vintage condition, plus a bonus few in slightly less perfect condition. Bags measure 16 3/8" x 8 3/8".