Clay African Sambura Fertility Doll

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When I found this little clay fertility doll I had no idea quite what she was or where she came from, but I fell in love with her. I've since learned  these types of fertility figures are made by the Sambura people of Kenya and that she is probably just a couple of decades old. I just love her wide eyed expression, exaggerated ears, and the red and black painted details, including a red stripe that highlights what appears to be a row of three buttons. Underneath her fabric skirt, tied with a thin strip of black fabric, is a simple trunk-like lower half, terminating in those wonderfully clunky little feet with incised toes!

She measures 4 5/8" tall x 2" wide x 1 3/8" deep. There are a few little scratches to the surface of the clay and some fraying to the tie of her skirt, but overall in very good condition.