Classic Naef Spiel Labyrinth Dexterity Game - Red, Vintage-hold for IS

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With a strong Bauhaus sensibility, Naef Spiel was founded in 1954 by Kurt Naef in Basel, Switzerland, first with a focus on furniture and interior design-- but he, and the company, quickly become known for beautifully crafted wooden toys that have become highly coveted, iconic design objects. This handheld Labyrinth game is a classic, and is still being made today, though I believe this one is first generation, dating to the 1960s. Getting all five steel balls into the center of the labyrinth is a challenge--perfect for picking up when one needs a break--and it looks great on the coffee table, desk, or shelf the rest of the time!

4 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 7/8". Well used, with some paint loss on the corners and one side particularly and some scratching to the plexiglass consistent with use. Structurally in great shape and I think more or less indestructible!