Civil War Era Large Wallpaper Box with Newspaper Lining

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Not perfect, but at 150+ years and made of paper, I'd say it's held up pretty well. I love these old wallpaper hat boxes for the lovely hand-printed wallpaper, of course, and for their construction, and perhaps especially for their newspaper linings, which tell all sorts of stories about the time when they were made and about their maker, too. This one, which includes a date of 1868, is lined in papers from Boston and Portland, ME, which along with much else includes a story about temperance organizations and a poem titled "Disobedience."

12 3/4" x 10 1/2" x 9" t. Some water staining/toning around the edge of the lid as evident and general light wear but overall in good antique condition, sound and stable and really pretty sturdy, much lovelier than photos convey.