Church, Pond, Brick, and Tree Lined Paths, Antique Folk Art Oil on Board Signed E.H. Yeager

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Clearly a portrait of a specific place, with enough particulars that I feel like I should be able to put my finger on it. One of the things I love most is the row of red brick buildings showing through the neatly planted row of trees on the green--subtle but decisive, and giving definition to this place as a park in the center of a town or city, and one in New England I would guess. Terrific folky tree rising from this little rocky island in the foreground, and then tree lines paths leading into the distance in all directions. Pleasingly dense and full of life even though strangely unpopulated!

11 1/4" x 8 3/8". Oil on board, in good, uncleaned condition. Very early 20th c I believe. Signed what looks like E. H. Yeager.