Chinese Antique Porcelain Cricket Box with Gold Painted Text and Decoration

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When I purchased this piece, it was, understandably, marked as an incense box (and I think has been, and is perfectly suited to use as such), but it was originally created (in the second half of the 19th century I believe) to house a cricket, a symbol of vitality and prosperity in China, and kept near in boxes like this so to enjoy their chirping. This one, glazed a deep orange with hand-painted gold decoration, features leaves/grasses on the top and one side, and Chinese characters on the other, most likely a poem.  

Some of the gold decoration has faded or worn away, and there are scattered small dark stains on the lid and sides, but no chips or cracks that I can see, and really a lovely, useful, and interesting little piece. 4 1/2" l x  2 7/8 w x 1 3/4" t.