Childs Art Gallery 1890 Glass Plate Negative of Young Woman with Flowers

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So lovely. I know from the seller that I purchased this from that it dates to 1890s or so and came from the archive of the Childs Art Gallery, one of the oldest and largest photographic studios in Upper Michigan. Founded by Brainard F. Childs in 1868, Childs Art Gallery was famous for artistic portraiture, and the glass plate negatives make for extremely sharp prints. Included in the photos is a positive made from the plate. 

I really love this young woman, who looks smart and interesting and also as if she might much rather be doing something other than having her photo taken but is kindly complying. I'd guess that she is standing in front of a studio backdrop, with the softness of the windows, drapes and plants to her right contrasting with the crispness and detail of her face, lovely white dress, and wonderfully wild bouquet of roses she holds. 

6 1/2" x 4 1/4". Very good condition, with a tiny bit of loss at the corners.