Chezy the Mouse + PU the Skunk Vintage Bouncy Ball

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Not my usual thing, but this ball piqued my curiosity -- with a very Mickey Mouse-looking "Chezy" on one side, and a Pepe le Pew-looking "P.U" the Skunk on the other.  I've searched a bunch and can't find another like it out there, or any mention of Chezy or P.U. (I did find one single Batman ball in a very similar style described as vintage 1960s, very rare, and listed at $150 on Bay! I'm including a pic in photos.) I think this one is at least a bit earlier, has a price of 59 cents stamped on it, and appears to be marked Made in USA at the center--and the Batman connection makes me think perhaps produced by DC Comics but I really have no idea. In any event, a fun one to throw around, full inflated and bouncy! 

3 3/8" in diameter and in good shape, with all over scuffs and general wear. Fully inflated with no holes/leaks.