Chas Goodall & Son "Tom Thumb" Miniature Playing Cards, Late 19th Century

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I found a matching deck of these cards in the online collection of the British Museum, so know for sure they date to the late 1800s--and of course the British Museum should have them, as they are pretty special!  They have all my favorite playing card attributes--square corners, no indices, and a little bleeding around the red and black edges on the pips--all at a miniature scale (cards measure 1 1/4" x 1 3/4".)
This is a pretty rare deck from what I've found, and is complete. Printed on cardstock-weight paper and with pretty plain blue backs, and in their original box. Produced by Charles Goodall & Son, Camden Works, Camden Town, London. Overall good condition- some darkening/staining and some wear to corners and edges but no significant folds, bends or tears and they still look sharp. Some wear to the box, which is without a bottom, but still holds them together fine.