Grand Little White and Green House with Eaves, Porches and Pillars

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I found this house ,together with the excellent green and white stables, listed separately, at one of my favorite shops in PA, and I'd bet they were made by the same person, with quite a lot of skill and labor and care invested in each of them.  And quite a grand little house this one is, pillars spanning two stories on one side supporting a balustrade above, and two more entrances with awnings on adjacent and opposite sides. Feels like a specific house to me--and perhaps the anchor of an estate to which the stables also belonged. Crisp and smart looking in white with green trim, with carefully painted red brick chimney, too. Nice 

7" x 4 7/8" x 4 1/2" t and in very good condition, with just some white paint loss to those tall pillars. Sound and sturdy and not at all fragile.