Wonderful Antique Stumpwork Embroidery of Two Dear Dogs

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Together forever, these two, with the paw of one pup resting lovingly and protectively on the back of the other. This wonderful stump work embroidery shows some losses, but I of course like it all the better for them, and though I think it really deserves to be properly framed, it has such a great tenderness and immediacy about it I might be inclined to pin it directly to a wall. The embroidery along the top edge is especially lovely, and has a bit of a shimmer to it, and then these two great trees, the one at left looking rather like a weeping willow, and making me wonder if perhaps this embroidery paid homage to the loss of a beloved pet? I would guess mid 19th c or so. Love.

13” x 12 7/8”. Stable condition, not especially fragile. Losses as evident,  one small hole in the cloth below the top left tree, and old tack holes around the perimeter.