Charming Small Early Mirror in Hand-carved Frame with Homespun Fabric Backing

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I fell in love with this little mirror the moment I spotted it, sold to me a dealer from my neck of the woods who always has great things--and I love the back, with neatly trimmed piece of homespun linen backing the mirror, almost as much as the front. It looks to me that perhaps the mirror was once framed on the backside as there are four small iron nails visible, but perhaps they were not very effective in holding it, and the fabric was added to better hold it. The scale of it is right to have been used as a handheld mirror, hung on a nail the rest of the time; now the mirror is not especially useful by our contemporary standards, but certainly great for ambiance and reflecting the light.

6 9/16" t x 3 1/8" w and in very good condition, with just a bit of loss to the finish at one end, as evident. It can be hung from either end, most easily from one of the cutouts. The mirror itself is rectangular. Earlyish 19th century I would think.