Charming Small Antique Doll with Marvelous Embroidered Face and Hair

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She's a small one, but quite a special one I think, sewn together from what looks to be white silk, and then with this marvelous face that reminds me of stump work pictures, especially the long stitches of her hair. The way that the embroidery of her facial features has held onto the batting (stuffing) even while the silk fabric has worn away around them I find pretty incredible, and just beautiful. And then just this simple polka dotted homespun indigo dress. Quite a thing.

6 1/4" t x 3 1/8" w x 1/2 and overall in good, stable condition. Apart from her face, the fabric of her body is in good shape with seams all holding tight. I would think 19th c. for sure but am not certain how early.