Charming Old Painted Wooden Cutout White Rabbits - Sold Individually

Regular price $35.00

I'd guess these wonderful white rabbits were once part of something else, possibly a child's rocker, or maybe they were sides of a garden planter? In any event, someone was wise to salvage them! Great old chippy white paint on both sides (the white in photos varies a bit; it is more to the creamier side) with black paint for their sweet faces and paws. They don't quite stand on their own as is, but could easily be made to with the addition of a little something to either side of their bases. Or just prop them somewhere, or nail to a post, or hang on the wall! Very charming.

8 1/2" l x 5 1/2" t x 1/2" thick.  One side is more weathered than the other--both great! Sold individually - price is per rabbit!