Charming Ink Drawn Silhouette Portrait of Young Woman with Fantastic Hair

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It took me a while to realize who this young woman with her very wide crown braid and fantastic mound of hair reminds me of--and that is of a very beatific version of the bride of Frankenstein! I do believe it was the hair that the Ruby Clasper or Claspen who signed the ink drawing along the lower right edge was most excited about, and quite a marvelous job she did  capturing its intricately woven construction! A lovely face (with great brows) and neckline too, with the bodice style indicating 1920s or so I believe. Plus, I assume the gift of time though perhaps native to it, a beauty mark on her chin!

Under glass in a period frame with string loop for hanging, as found: 7 1/8” x 5 3/16".  All in very good condition.