SOLD (HOLDING) Charming Large Two Drawer Tabletop Folk Art Chest with Mirror

Regular price $215.00

This is a week where I'm tempted to keep most everything I found for myself, including this terrific large tabletop chest, which just teems with warmth and charm. From the hand-carved mirror, which attaches via hooks to the posts on either side of it (and so is easy to remove), to what look like little bowling pins at either end, to  these nice deep drawers with diamonds nailed at the centers and turned pulls (except one carved replacement), to its four sweet hand-carved feet--the love and labor is deeply palpable. 

17 3/4" t x 9 1/4" w x 8 3/4" d and in very good, sturdy and stable condition. The drawers pull out pretty easily and close flush. There is an old repaired split to the top surface toward the back, minor and really only noticeable when looking straight down at at. The little pins at either side of the top turn and one can get them to stand pretty straight. Very early 20th century I would guess.

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