Charming Old Folk Art Ragdoll with Hand-drawn Face and Painted Socks

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Another one of my favorite Brimfield finds is this terrific old handmade cloth doll with yellow painted body, pink and blue painted striped bands for the top of her socks, and wonderful pencil drawn face that gives her a very sweet and serene countenance. Under her simple blue felt dress—a later addition perhaps, held together at the neck with an old nail--are bloomers, these loosely stitched around the top and also with an old holding them firmly in place. LOVE.

11 5/8” t x 4 1/4” w x 1” d. Soft stuffing. Paint has surely faded, but great color still, and all of her seams are holding tight. The most wear is to her blue dress, which has pilled a bit and shows some lint and fuzz.