Charming Old Adirondack Chair Salesman Sample (?)

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I'm never quite sure with miniature furniture like this what to call folk art vs. a salesman sample (I might think the latter on this one); in any event here's a great old handmade wooden Adirondack chair, mini, but actually of quite a nice size. And I must say it makes me want to build a bucolic diorama around it to relax into when needed! Great lines, nicely constructed, with what I believe is its original mustard brown paint. I'm not certain the age but would think early-ish 20th century. 

8 3/8" l x 6 3/16" t x 4 3/4" w and in great condition, very structurally sound and with a nice patina. Signed in pencil on the underside with what looks like Eleanns (?)