Charming Old Carved Folk Art Wood Spirit

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I think this would fall within the category of "wood spirits," but while many of those tend to be fairly fussy, this one, which I believe is quite old, is marvelously understated, just this wonderful little hooded (haloed?) beatific face, which feels as if just peeking out for a moment before retreating back inside! The wood itself seems like a piece of driftwood, beautifully weathered and smooth, showing a little redder where it is carved. Really a terrific piece, that at least for me brings great delight and a sense of serenity everytime I look at it. 

9 7/8" t x 2 1/2" w x 1 1/8" d. It stands up on its own on a level surface. Great condition, with just one little chip the surface at the very bottom center of the front side, no matter.