Charming Double Entry Bright Blue Scratch Made Cardboard House

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Not so old--this super sweet scratch made cardboard house was dated 1973 on the underside--though of course now the 1970s were a fairly long time ago now, especially for a cardboard house! It has held up beautifully, surely due to the love and care with which it was made. Each window pane cut by hand with clear film in each window, every shingle strip cut and coated and laid individually on top of the next, etc. And then this fabulous painterly cobalt blue tempera paint job. Every bit as good as an old wood one I'd say--and every bit as good from one side as the other, with two front faces really. 

5 1/2" w x 6 3/4" d x 3 15/16" t and in very good condition, no losses, structurally sound and pretty sturdy!